Be Caring partner with Sunderland College for qualification awards in social care and nursing

Lance Gardner of Be Caring Ltd celebrates the opportunities for employees with Sunderland College partnership.

The most valuable asset of any care business is its workforce and Be Caring is no different in this respect. This partnership enables Be Caring to explore a new and diverse range of courses and training. Undoubtedly,  this will raise our co-owners to enhanced levels of competence and confidence .

We are committed to supporting and enabling our fantastic co-owners to optimise their potential both professionally and personally. To this end we have entered into a formal arrangement with Sunderland College as our chosen further education and training partner.

Lance Gardner MBE, Clinical Director and Chair – Be Caring Ltd.

Celebrating Diversity in Our Communities Encourages Skills Development

We care about our colleagues, it’s that simple. Rather than assume everyone wants the same experience, we celebrate diversity. In fact, we encourage it! On the first day a new co-owner joins our organisation we try to seek out their aims and aspirations for their time at Be Caring. For the vast majority of our new starters career development is their prime reason for joining our company. So, we want to make sure it’s possible.

Recognising that our customers have diverse needs too means we must constantly evolve. Our commitment is to improve the health and well-being of our communities. This includes our colleague communities as well as our geographical ones. Where language and mobility can be a barrier in some instances, our aim is to make anything possible. While English is a necessity, some customers may not have English as a first language. Our communities are diverse, so we have to be too.

Opportunities For All

In recent years Sunderland College has specialised in designing and delivering tailored training to the health and care sector. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Be Caring, an organisation whose core values align with ours. They have an admirable commitment to ensuring their staff are highly trained and highly motivated, enabling them to deliver the best possible experience to their clients. We are looking forward to supporting their ambitions across their sites at Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

Iain Nixon, Executive Director Commercial Activity – Sunderland College

With this in mind we are working with our partners at Sunderland College to identify opportunities for our co-owners. Therefore enabling them to enter the regulated care workforce through apprenticeships, foundation degrees, and associate programmes.  Indeed forsome this can lead to formal professional qualifications in nursing, therapy or social work. Working in partnership with Sunderland College enables Be Caring to co-produce exclusive learning programmes and vocational training packages.

This is a bold statement but we have the opportunity to enhance our carers’ abilities over those of their peers in the rest of the social care workforce. If I was looking to begin a career in care, with limited financial resources, I know this is the route I’d take. It wouldn’t matter what my background was, or where I grew up. This is accessible to everyone at Be Caring and it’s a genuine pathway to a rewarding professional career in our sector.

Lance Gardner MBE, Clinical Director and Chair – Be Caring Ltd.