Career Pathways

Career Pathways

Your next step down a truly rewarding career path

At Be Caring, we have fantastic opportunities for career progression, and we actively encourage employees to progress within the company. This progression is offered in various formats, and as your time at Be Caring progresses, we’ll provide regular “Be Supported” one-to-one reviews to guide you through the options.


If you want to specialise in a particular field of care, we can support you on your journey. If you’re ambitious and want to lead a team, qualify as a Nurse, Assistant Practitioner* or become a registered professional – we can deliver the qualifications you’ll need. What’s more, you can earn above the NMW while you qualify to gain the experience needed to reach your full potential.

Some of the roles we offer are:

  • Care Worker


  • Palliative Care Worker


  • Support Worker


  • Assistant Practitioner


  • Care Coordinator


  • Team Leader


  • Recruitment Officer


Download PDF – Career progression chart [LINK]

Kerry Cave

Care Coordinator

“From always working in retail I took the opportunity to work in care, and applied to be a Support Worker. I worked in this role for 9 months, and then a job came up for a Team Leader. I wasn’t confident but applied, and I got it. I worked as a Team Leader, and then applied for a Care Co-ordinator role which came up – I didn’t think I would get the job! I was totally gobsmacked when they said yes, I cried with joy. In just 15 months and I have progressed so much, and I am quite proud of myself. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity.”

Qualify as a Nurse, Occupational Therapist or Regulated Professional

We’ll provide certified training for lots of care-related specialities. Our recent partnership with Sunderland College enables us to offer you career progression to qualify as a Nurse or Occupational Therapist via the Assistant Pracititoner qualification. If you are accepted for the role, you could qualify and be debt-free in seven years (or less, depending on your experience or qualifications before you joined Be Caring).

Darren Scholes

Head of Quality, Training and H&S

“It’s exciting for us to be partnering with Sunderland College for the Level 5 Healthcare Associate Practitioner qualification. Our relationship is paving the way for employee-owners to have more career opportunities within the health and social care sectors.”

What it means to be a colleague at Be Caring

Being a colleague is about much more than sharing the profits – it defines our approach to what we do. As an employee-owned business, we all share the responsibility for our success in delivering the best quality of care to our clients.


Colleagues have a real say in how our business is run via our elected forum with representatives from across the organisation, called “Voice”. It consists of members from each service location representing our clients and care support workers.

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We are a Social Enterprise

Our service users’ needs come first; before profits.

What it means to be Employee Owned

Be Caring is Highly Commended for Employee Ownership Culture

Our Vision

Our communities have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

Our Mission

To be care-giving day-makers, hope-builders, smile-givers, life-changers,  community-warriors with the will to make a difference