Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

“Is to be care-giving day-makers, hope-builders, smile-givers, life-changers, community-warriors with the will to make a difference.”

Our Vision

“Is that our local communities
have the opportunity to achieve their
fullest potential in all aspects of life.”

We want to ensure that employee-ownership has real meaning within Be Caring. In order for us to deliver our vision and mission, all need to believe that we are capable of making a positive difference in people’s lives every day.

As an organisation, we encourage involvement and collaboration at all levels – we want people to be heard and have a say in what we do, and how we do it.

Our values

Be Caring was born from a desire to recognise that at the heart of everything we do is care. Care for our colleagues, care for our customers and also care for our friends, families and communities. Working together to support and encourage our people and customers to reach their goals, however large or small they may be, is what we’re about.

The Be Caring values are the outcome of engagement sessions with our colleagues across the business, where we collaboratively defined the culture at the core of our organisation.

Be kind to all of our service users and colleagues

Respect those around you


Wear our uniform with pride

Speak positively to your colleagues

Be proud of other people’s achievements

Strive to make a difference

Be proactive and always give 100%

Enjoy the training we are given to improve our skills

Always smile – being cheerful can make someone’s day

Stay positive – have a “can do” attitude

Ask your colleagues for help if you’re struggling

Use the technology provided as trained

Look out for one another

Be sensible and keep the people you support safe

Join in and have a say

Learn more about employee-ownership

Listen to others’ suggestions

Join us at Be Caring

Do you want to play a part in shaping the future of social care?

We’re looking for passionate people who genuinely care, with a will to make a difference. We offer support, training and exciting career opportunities.


See how we’re making a difference by putting people first. We’re employee-owned, meaning profits don’t come first. People do.