An Employee-Owned Social Enterprise

Our Employees Own the Organisation

We’re an employee-owned organisation – but what does that mean? Simply put, each and every employee at Be Caring has an equal share in our company, and share in its success. Like being part of a family, we support and encourage each other to be the best we can be, and to equally, to have a real say in how our business is run.

We put our values and mission first, not our profits. The people we care for and our colleagues are our absolute priority – we are definitely a “people first” organisation! We use our profits to invest and reinvest in providing real career pathways and recognised qualifications for our workforce, which open up fantastic opportunities in health and social care.

We also invest in our local communities – for example, we were proud to be able to donate 26,000 medical grade face masks to local VCS groups during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our organisation is governed by what we call “VOICE”, which is made up of a number of nominated colleagues from across all of Be Caring’s services.

These VOICE representatives gather thoughts, ideas and concerns from colleagues across the business, and bring these together to make changes to the way Be Caring operates, giving our colleagues a real say in the business.

James Lafferty

Voice Representative

“I am passionate about my VOICE work because. I can help all people across the company in whatever their concerns are. I can bring new ideas out, correct difficulties and make people smile by making their work life easier.”

Employee-Ownership and VOICE Explained

We’re Trustee Members of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA)

Meaning we’re actively committed to making our organisation the best it can be for our employee-owners.

Be Involved

Our Be Caring Values


Be Kind
Be Proud
Be the Best You Can Be
Be Involved
Be Happy
Be Safe


Do you share our values and see yourself making a real difference to individuals in need of support?

92% of colleagues would recommend us as a place to work

(Be Caring colleague survey, December 2023)

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See how we’re making a difference by putting people first. We’re employee-owned, meaning profits don’t come first. People do.


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“Everybody has an equal share of Be Caring, which means we all benefit from any financial rewards. So we currently have birthday gift vouchers, Christmas gift vouchers, an annual bonus. It also means that you have a voice, you can be part of a local forum where you influence the quality of the service. You can bring feedback, you can design how our services are run, and we want you to feel part of the organisation.”

Sharon Lowrie, CEO