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In areas including: Wythenshawe, Sale, Trafford, West Didsbury and Chorlton.

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Our office in Manchester buzzes with energy – calls coming in, visits to clients being scheduled, Care Workers popping in to say hello… Our team work super hard, but they also know how to have fun. The office (where we also hold our induction training sessions) is based in Wythenshawe, with excellent transport links and a private car park.


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Meet Jodie, one of our Care Workers in Manchester

Jodie Riley

Care Worker

“I like to leave someone’s home knowing they’re clean, comfortable, and happy, and if I’ve achieved that, then that’s a good day for me.”

How did you come to work in the Care Sector?

It’ll be coming up to four years that I’ve been with Be Caring now. Before that, I had a career working in secondary schools. I used to teach dance to children with special needs and disabilities.

From there I went on to get a job in a high school as a teaching assistant and became involved with the medical care of some of the students. That’s what I was really interested in. I was also working part-time as a barmaid at the time, which I loved, but it was too much. I had no life at all.

It was my sister-in-law who said you should come and try caring. At the time, my Aunty was receiving care and my Mum said something to me that has always stuck. She said, ‘don’t go into this job unless you’re going to care. Don’t go in and do it for the money. Do it and treat the clients like they’re your own family.’ I’ve always stuck to that.

What is the best thing about your job as a Care Worker?

I think I’d have left a long time ago if it was just for the money! I love my clients and I think that comment from my Mum still means a lot.

I love going in to see clients and just having a laugh. There’s one gentleman I care for who has Motor Neurone Disease (MND), so he can’t talk to us. We literally communicate in that house with laughter. We don’t leave that house unless we’ve had a right good laugh, and we do every time!

I feel like I’m treated like family. I have one client who says that I’m like an adopted daughter, (he says it to a few of us!) We can see people up to four times a day, which is often more than their families see them. I know I spend more time with my clients than I do with my family.

How have your found working through the Covid-19 pandemic?

I thought to myself ‘how can I make this situation as safe as possible?’ – not only for my clients, but for me as well. So, I offered to pick up extra shifts to help reduce the number of different carers people had going into their houses.

When we were in lockdown, carers also supported people by doing their shopping in their own time.  As many were high risk and I had to go out of the house anyway, I offered to help.

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About Be Caring

Do you want to play a part in shaping the future of social care?

We’re looking for passionate people who genuinely care, with a will to make a difference. We offer excellent support, training and exciting career opportunities.

We’re employee-owned, meaning profits don’t come first – people do.

Benefits of working for Be Caring

  • Paid DBS
  • Free Uniform & PPE
  • Paid Induction Training
  • Fully-Funded Care Certificate (plus further fully-funded qualifications for Care Workers)
  • Paid Mileage for Drivers (45p/mile)
  • Birthday & Christmas Gift Vouchers
  • “Refer a Friend” Incentive Scheme
  • Excellent Career Opportunities – Progression is Actively Encouraged
  • Employee Assistance Programme – 24/7 confidential advice and support for issues including health, lifestyle and wellbeing


“Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we deliver the best care we can. We’re always searching for people who share our values and genuinely want to make a difference to the people who we support.”

Henry, Service Manager