Introducing Our VOICE Representatives: Making a Difference

At Be Caring, we believe that every employee should have a say in how we operate, which is why we have VOICE.

VOICE is a vehicle for change within our organisation, a way to put employee ownership into action. Our mission is to make a real difference in the communities we serve, and we’re inviting all employees to be part of that change.

We’re excited to introduce our VOICE representatives who are ready to take on this challenge. Our representatives are here to listen to all colleague ideas and help bring them to life. They are the point of contact for anyone who wants to share their thoughts on how we can strengthen our organisation. Our VOICE representatives will work hard to ensure ideas are heard and acted upon, they will source ideas from colleagues, discuss them with our Senior Management team, and ensure that any discussion leads to action.

Jackie Guncan


James Lafferty

VOICE Representative

Joan Lowery

VOICE Representative

Meet VOICE Representatives James Lafferty and Joan Lowery

Let us introduce you to James, “I was TUPE’d over from Mears in 2017. However, I have been working within the care sector for 18 years and have just gone into my 19th year! Be Caring offered me a contract with continuity of service.”

We asked James, ‘What does VOICE mean to you?’

“I am passionate about my VOICE work because. I can help all people across the company in whatever their concerns are. I can bring new ideas out, correct difficulties and make people smile by making their work life easier.

All this is only possible by being a VOICE rep. So, whoever you are whatever you’re doing, if your ambition is to make a difference. Become a VOICE rep. VOICE has allowed me to use my voice. To which I am so grateful.”

James will be accompanied as VOICE representative with our finance assistant, Joan Lowery, who shared, “VOICE to me means that we all have the opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions on how we would like the company to operate. I have worked in finance for 46 years across several sectors, and in care for the past 5 years. As a VOICE rep I have a better understanding of how the company and care sector work. I feel passionate about VOICE as I feel we put our Carers needs as a priority.”

Introducing our VOICE Chair

Our VOICE representatives will be led by our VOICE Chair and current Operations Manager. Jackie Guncan.

Jackie is based in our Tyneside office and will be responsible for ensuring we deliver on our promises and promote our value ‘Be Involved’. Jackie wanted to share this sentiment:

I have been employed in a social care setting for over 37 years and throughout this time I have always recognised that as individuals we can make a difference but as a team, we can achieve the impossible.

VOICE for me is one of many resources where Be Caring colleagues can share ideas and suggestions as to the current and future developments of the company for the benefit of us all.”

Jackie also sharedAs a representative of the group, I hope to support and encourage all my colleagues to exercise their right to share their individual thoughts and opinions and that these are fully considered by the board and senior management team for future planning.”

We encourage all colleagues to get involved and share their ideas with our VOICE representatives. Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

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