Celebrating Achievements and Empowering Voices

Be Caring is celebrating its highest ever colleague advocacy score with 96% of colleagues recommending them as a place to work, a 9% increase within 6 months.

At Be Caring, our commitment to fostering a positive work culture and promoting employee engagement has always been one of our top priorities. Building on the success of previous sessions we are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent Summer Coffee & Cake engagement sessions.

Introducing the Long Service Awards

We introduced our Long Service Awards for the first time. These awards were one of the highlights of the sessions – presenting and celebrating colleagues’ dedication and commitment, with milestones ranging from 3 to 15 years. Each qualifying colleague received a certificate acknowledging their years of service alongside a gift voucher ranging from £50 to £150, related to their length of service. Take a look at the video below to see the awards in action.

Be Proud: The Above and Beyond Awards

The Above and Beyond Awards were introduced to recognise exceptional service and care delivery in alignment with our values; Be Kind, Be Proud, Be the Best you can Be, Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Involved. As part of our Above and Beyond scheme we asked colleagues to be involved, nominating a colleague who regularly goes above and beyond when supporting people in the community – this included self-nominations.

We used these nominations to acknowledge colleagues who consistently go above and beyond in their roles.  Colleagues were presented with a certificate and a £25 gift voucher. Amongst the winners were duo Caitlin and Courtney who recently went above and beyond for our service user Florence*.

Florence joined our service three months ago after an injury led to a 10-month long hospital stay, we visit Florence four times a day and she also receives care from her daughter. At the moment Florence is unable to get out of bed, and throughout the entirety of her hospital stay was unable to have her hair washed.

Typically, Florence is a lady of glamour who enjoys a glowing false tan and wearing her hair in rollers, so not being able to have her hair washed has had a significant impact on her wellbeing.

Courtney and Caitlin are Florence’s regular Carers and recognised how important hair washing was to Florence, and how this was affecting her mood, everyone deserves to have clean hair. They recommended a portable hair washing basin to Florence’s daughter and spent some time together searching for the right product online.

Florence was able to have her hair washed for the first time in 10 months, positively impacting her confidence and wellbeing, and restoring her dignity. Florence’s daughter said “The Carer’s are amazing. I was really struggling to wash Mum’s hair, and this has made life so much easier!”

Courtney and Caitlin regularly go above and beyond for the people they support, recently Courtney asked a service user if they wanted her to feed the birds, as she knew that watching the birds made this person happy. As she left the property, Courtney placed bird feed on the bird box outside the window. Courtney shared this message, “If it was my grandparents, I’d want someone to do that for them if I wasn’t able to. It’s just a simple thing to offer, that makes them happy.”

The Impact on Colleague Engagement

The success of the Coffee & Cake sessions is reflected in the results of our recent colleague survey. We’re committed to collaborating with our colleagues to ensure people are heard and have a consistent say in what we do, and how we do it.

An overwhelming 96% of colleagues would recommend us as a place to work, contributing to an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 62 (NPS scores over 50 are regarded as excellent). This is a 24% increase when compared to the colleague survey conducted during Spring 2021, and the highest of all our colleague surveys dating back the past 4 years.

Colleagues live our values: Be the Best You Can Be

The Be Caring values were the outcome of engagement sessions with our colleagues across the business, where we collaboratively defined the culture at the core of our organisation. One of these values is to ‘Be the Best You Can Be’, we’re happy to announce 93% of our Care Workers agree they have had the support they needed to excel in their role.

Additionally, 95% of colleagues agree they have the training they need to perform their role and a further 94% agree their work is valued.

If you share our values, and want to join an organisation which rewards their colleagues, please apply here today.