Voices Heard: Insights from Our Colleague Survey

Be Caring continues to celebrate their high colleague satisfaction scores, with 92% of colleagues recommending them as a place to work.

As an employee-owned organisation and finalists in the Employee Ownership Association Awards (2023) we remain committed to hearing from our colleagues and ensuring they have a regular say in what we do and how we do it.

Each year we ask our 700 colleagues to complete colleague surveys, which allows us to gain valuable insight into what our colleagues appreciate about Be Caring and how we can continue to improve our services for both our clients and colleagues. This year we have shown significant improvement in our survey results when compared to previous colleague surveys and the response rate is our highest to date! Amongst the 67% of colleagues who completed the survey, 92% said they would recommend Be Caring as a place to work. This is an increase of 23% compared to when we asked a similar question in 2021. One colleague shared,

“I am having a great time working in Be Caring, I have developed interpersonal communication skills, confidence and I have grown in my career path. I would like everybody else to be able achieve their goals, objectives etc and this can be achieved with right company and the right team.”

Our belief that every employee has a say in how Be Caring operates is reflected in our annual survey results where 97% of colleagues said they felt that their opinions are listened to and seem to count, a 40% increase from 2021.

Our Be Caring VOICE representatives are available to contact for any colleagues who want to share opinions or ideas on how we can strengthen our organisation. The VOICE representatives work hard to ensure ideas are heard and acted upon by discussing them with our Senior Management team and ensuring that any discussion leads to action. Our colleagues said:

“I feel fully supported in my role. Lots of opportunity for feedback and reflection within the team.”

“It’s an amazing company, very professional and appreciates the workers more than any other company.”

The twice-yearly survey was completed during our end of year Coffee and Cake employee engagement sessions. Our Coffee and Cake sessions are a chance for colleagues to get together, share stories and celebrate their achievements, all while enjoying some good company and, of course, cake. By asking our teams to complete the survey during the sessions, we were able to encourage conversations amongst our teams so feedback could be noted and acted upon as soon as possible.

We also used these sessions as an opportunity to distribute part of our 4th consecutive annual bonus, a £50 gift voucher and up to £250 cash our biggest bonus to date! As an employee-owned organisation, we put our values and mission first, not our profits, meaning we can ensure that care is at the heart of everything we do. We reinvest our profits into our colleagues by providing exciting career pathways and recognised qualifications for our workforce, which introduce fantastic opportunities in health and social care. We also share profits through our career development bonus, birthday gift vouchers and long service awards meaning that everyone benefits from our success!

When we asked our teams what they enjoy most working at Be Caring one colleague shared,

“The flexible working hours, my supportive manager and feeling valued with the annual bonus – which the company increase whenever possible!”